If you would like to cancel your Etsy order and place an order on this website, please feel free to do so. If you have any issues with canceling your Etsy order please reach out to me at

Orders placed will not be fulfilled until I place the batch order for PCBs and components. It will take time to assemble the modules. Build time estimation 2 to 3 months. Please be aware of this when placing an order.

The final PCB may be slightly different, as I may remove the unused pads on the side with the LEDs. If you already have a Framework LED Matrix input module, then you can pick the PCB ONLY option and switch out the Framework LED Matrix PCB with the RGB LED Matrix PCB.

What is it?

RGB LED Matrix input module for the Framework Laptop 16. This module can go on either side of your keyboard to show notifications, animations, system information, and whatever else you can imagine! This module uses an RP2040 microcontroller. The module can be easily programmed with Circuit Python, the Arduino Core, or the Pico SDK!

Why did you make it?

I had a crazy idea when I saw the Framework Laptop 16 announcement that there should be an RGB version of the LED matrix module. Here we are now over a year from the initial Framework Laptop 16 announcement live stream. Also, who doesn’t need RGB on their computer?

What makes it special?

I received an incredible amount of help and encouragement from the whole Framework community! I can’t thank these amazing members of the Framework Discord server enough. Thank you, Arya, Josh Cook, Adam Hill, the entire moderation team, and countless more members of the Discord server.

I have to give a massive thanks to Nirav Patel, the founder of Framework, for providing engineering documents and hardware that made this product possible!